Jalandhar Police Solve Arjuna Awardee Officer’s Murder in 48 Hours: Autorickshaw Driver Arrested

The Jalandhar Police swiftly resolved the homicide of a decorated police officer and former weightlifter, Dalbir Singh Deol, within 48 hours by employing sophisticated investigative techniques. Deol, an Arjuna awardee, was found deceased under mysterious conditions in Jalandhar on Wednesday.

The case saw a significant development with the apprehension of an autorickshaw driver, who fatally shot the officer during a dispute concerning a ride home. Officer Jugal Kishore, while returning from duty, discovered Deol’s body near a canal and promptly alerted his fellow officers, initiating the investigation.

The investigative team conducted a thorough analysis of CCTV footage in the area. In one of the recordings, Deol was observed boarding an autorickshaw. By meticulously examining the footage from various cameras along possible routes taken by the vehicle, the police were able to note the autorickshaw’s number and track it down. Additionally, the police might have examined active mobile signals near the canal from the nearest tower.

Vijay Kumar, the accused autorickshaw driver, was found to have used Deol’s service pistol to shoot him. This handgun was later discovered near the body. Jalandhar Police Chief Swapan Sharma stated that they found Deol’s body in suspicious circumstances approximately 6-7 km from Jalandhar and arrested Vijay Kumar in connection with the case.

The fatal altercation reportedly erupted when Kumar refused to drive Deol to his village. During the ensuing argument, Kumar snatched Deol’s service pistol and shot him in the head.

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