Passenger Trapped in Airplane Toilet for Over an Hour on Mumbai-Bengaluru SpiceJet Flight

In a recent incident, a passenger on a SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru found themselves in a distressing situation when they became trapped inside the aircraft’s toilet. This occurred during the flight, and the passenger was unable to exit due to a malfunction in the door lock of the toilet.

The flight, SpiceJet SG-268, was initially set to depart at 10:55 PM on Monday but was delayed until 2 AM on Tuesday. After the flight took off and the seat belt sign was switched off, the male passenger went to use the toilet. However, soon after entering, he realized that the door lock was malfunctioning, trapping him inside. Despite efforts to open the door from the outside, the crew was unsuccessful.

During this time, the cabin crew provided assistance to the passenger to help him remain calm. They passed notes through the door, advising him not to panic and informing him about the situation. The note reassured him that they were trying their best to open the door and instructed him to secure himself by sitting on the commode lid for safety as the aircraft was due to land shortly.

The ordeal lasted for over an hour, and it was only after the aircraft landed at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru that technicians were able to open the door and free the passenger. He received immediate medical support upon release. SpiceJet, addressing the incident, expressed regret and issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to the passenger. They have also provided a full refund as a gesture of goodwill.

This incident highlights the challenges and unforeseen situations that can occur during air travel, and the importance of prompt response and care from airline staff in such scenarios .

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